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We bring integrity to the automotive inspection industry.


CarInspector.US, founded in 1996, performs vehicle inspection services for the general public, major auto manufacturers, financial institutions, warranty companies, and contract administrators. CarInspector.US began as a regional inspection company in Georgia and quickly expanded to serve customers throughout the United States and Canada with quality, affordable inspection services.

With more than 1,300 inspectors, we have an inspector near you. Call today to schedule your inspection!

  • No matter what type of inspection you need, we have a program for you.
  • If you are buying a used car and want it checked out before you buy it (a prepurchase inspection or used car inspection), we can accomodate you.
  • If you are purchasing a warranty or are a warranty company and wish to have a prewarranty inspection done, we can accomodate you.
  • If you are a law firm or consumer advocacy group and wish to have a forensic inspection done, we can accomodate you.
  • If you are simply interested in the vehicle history or lemon check, we can accomodate you.
  • No matter what your vehicle inspection needs, we can accomodate you.
  • Please call us at (888) 615-7555 or surf our site for more information.